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T____T ahhh... my chem lab TA thinks I'm a total dork now..

I guess this started yesterday when I sat with my chem lab friend during family studies..
after class, we were gonna exchange phone numbers cuz we had a lab report due today, so we just switched phones to make it faster
after she gave mine back, she was like, "are you a total anime buff..?" since I had Itachi as my wallpaper
I was half expecting her to laugh at me when I said yes, but it turned out that she used to watch a lot of stuff before coming here this year from Singapore
then we started to fangirl for a while and I told her I'd send her some sites to download stuff from

anyway, during lab today, our TA decided to sit next to my work area to watch over ppl... which made me kinda uneasy since I always screw things up when ppl are watching
near the end of the lab, he was talking to my friend and somehow they ended up talking about languages...
he has a really strong accent (something south american..??) but I knew he spoke Japanese relatively fluently cuz he saw my shinai and asked if I knew a girl from kendo cuz she was in his Japanese class
so he asked my friend if she spoke Japanese and she said no... but mentioned something about watching anime
that reminded me that I forgot to send her the sites... and the TA overheard us talking about it =____=
ugh... and then he said something like, "oh, you guys watch anime? Then I guess you know stuff like 'konban wa,' 'ohayo,' 'oyasumi nasai,' etc..."
I think he was kinda joking... but....

+____+ it felt like one of those scenes in manga when the word bubbles stab the character (... I'm making myself seem even dorkier now, aren't I...?)
every time he said one of those words, it was like *STAB* *STAB* *STAB*
so embarassing... almost as bad as when I spilled a whole graduated cylinder of a bad smelling, volatile liquid all over my table while he was sitting near me =____=

First day back +____+

It was my first day back at school... and I actually fell asleep in class...
it was during my 3 hour family studies lecture and I sat at the back, but I'm pretty sure the prof noticed since it was a relatively small class and I sat directly in his line of vision =____=
oh well, this class seems like a joke after taking the other 2 family studies classes last term, so whatever X3

I ended up going to school super early cuz my dad had to teach at 8:30... but I wanted a ride so I followed him even though I didn't have class until 11
after falling asleep in the sub while studying, I met up with Amanda and went to the discount bookstore
I had to buy a lab coat and goggles (haha, I put them on at home to show my family and looked like such a nerd XD)
and then we went to the other bookstore and bumped into Sarah
while Amanda went back up to the discount bookstore, me and Sarah headed back to the sub and fangirled like mad
first thing we fangirled about was Nodame XD
ppl sitting around us were probably staring at us like we were freaks... probably because we were :3
we also talked about our Chapters adventures~~

ugh, the wind was so scary at school...
as fat as i am, i could feel it pushing me to one side as i walked
and i forgot to wear a hat and didn't have a hood, so my head was so cold T____T
on the way home, I actually had to line up for the sea bus cuz they were going so slowly because of the wind
i guess i should've taken the bus, but by then i was too lazy to skytrain to Burrard to take the bus

ahaha... and now i must go cram for that BIOL200 rewrite tomorrow night +_____+
While I was waiting for ep10 of Nodame to finish downloading, I printed off the pics of the wigs that ppl want~
and when I totalled it all up, I realized that if I'm able to find all the wigs (about 30 of them), I'll have $450CAD worth of wigs in my bag on the way back o____O
thank goodness I don't usually buy that much stuff there or else I'd be worried about going over the $750 exemption
lol, only thing that kinda scares me is to suddenly ask my mom for $3000HKD to buy wigs XD
blah... it'll work out somehow...

=3= ahh... i wish i could i have an extra day or two before leaving for HK, so much stuff i want to finish off
and I need to start packing tonight cuz I'll be out tomorrow
I was also hoping to sew some stuff before leaving, but we had Christmas dinner tonight so I had to help cook
oh yeah, my sister's bf gave me a Christmas present: a new shinai bag~~
I was planning on sewing a new one cuz they're kinda expensive, but i guess i won't need to anymore X3
I'll be so out of shape for the practices next term, but I really wanna start using my armor~~

argh, I guess I should just go pack and get it out of the way since there's still 15min til ep 10 finishes downloading....
Retaking chem233 is looking quite probable at the moment... but I'm beyond the point of caring right now =_____=
I pulled an all-nighter on Friday night to cram
I was freaking out so much while studying that my legs kept on shaking and when I got home from the exam, they were tired and sore...
and whenever I get stressed out, my digestive system just sorta stops working so I've been feeling kinda sick after eating for the past 2 days

+____+ I'm so tired right now and have a headache, but I really wanna sew~~~
lol, and tomorrow we're having our Christmas dinner so I still need to make dessert
my told me to make tiramisu so my dad can eat the leftovers when me, my mom and sis go to HK

ugh... I think I'll go lay down for a bit before making tiramisu @____@

Dec. 15th, 2006

The members of the department of chemistry should die slow, painful deaths for forcing us to learn this crap...

I spent almost 6 hours studying at the Vancouver Public Library this afternoon +____+
well... half an hour of it was spent zoning out and falling asleep, but other than that it was pretty good~
when I was going back into the library after getting some coffee, I bumped into Tamie and Crystal XD
since my eyes were blurry from studying and couldn't focus on anything past a few meters, when I was about 10 meters away I was thinking, 'wow, the shade of that girl's hair is so similar to Crystal's.... wait.... that *is* Crystal...."
but I was so dazed from studying that when I walked back after chatting with Tamie for a bit, I realized that I didn't properly say hi to Crystal ;____; uwaahhh.... sorry, I'm such a slow person...

anyway, my plan for tomorrow is to go back to the library and cram like mad since I don't feel that motivated to study at home
and I'm gonna sleep earlier tonight since I don't think I'll get the chance to sleep tomorrow 8D

I think I'm gonna take a break between studying tomorrow and walk down to Long and McQuade to buy some more piano music
:3 I wanna buy Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet: 10 pieces for piano~
after hearing it while watching Nodame, I keep on listening to The Montagues and The Capulets and it sounds kinda fun to play~~
and I also wanna see how freaky the piano part is in Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto no. 2 so that I can learn it and have Chiaki-sempai accompany me *bricked*

Piano crap~~

=____= I almost fell asleep a few times during chem tutoring this morning cuz I stayed up til 4am watching Nodame Cantabile... even though I should have been studying...

ohoho~ I played Beethoven's Piano Sonata op.13 "Pathetique" for my grade 10 exam XD
though I actually didn't really like playing the 2nd movement (the one that Nodame was playing)
and even though watching them play makes me depressed about my own lack of skill, it's such an awesome series~~~

after I got home from tutoring, I took a nap and practiced a bit before going to the piano recital
it's sad, I still get really nervous before recitals =____=
I'm always afraid that I haven't memorized it enough and start freaking out
for this recital, I asked my teacher if she could put me some time in the beginning since I wanted to come home and study
so I was out of there within 15-20 minutes since there were just a few little kids playing before me XD
and in the end... I went shopping with my mom in West Van instead of going home to study~~~
WTF, it turns out that one of the Biol200 profs posted up the answers to the exam on his class's WebCT the morning *before* the exam
we get a cheat sheet for the exam so we don't hafta memorize stupid details... but that means that some people were able to copy the answers and bring them into the exam
Now the department head's trying to cover up the prof's mistake by saying it was a virus -____-
they better do something about the marks cuz I really don't want to rewrite that exam...

on another note...
I was so dazed this morning at piano that when my teacher asked me if I was going to play at the recital this Saturday, I said 'yes'
=_____= it wasn't until she turned around to get my music that I realized what i had said...
dammit, and I was waiting so long to for this opportunity weasel out of it ;_____;

[edit] wow, the faculty is actually controlling the discussion boards on WebCT and deleting a lot of the messages people are posting about the prof's mistake =_____=

School rambles...

As I was madly writing my agsci journals from Sunday night until Monday 10am, I realized that I completely failed my goal of not starting an assignment the night before it's due
haha, and despite not doing most of the required readings, I was able to somehow churn out 9 pages XD
I ended up adding more stuff to the journals in the afternoon and submitted it before heading to my 3 hours of chem tutoring at school

lol, after I got home at 11:30pm and ate dinner, I went into coma-mode and fell asleep on my sister's bed since she was taking a nap on mine
we both woke up in the morning wondering where the hell we were cuz we forgot we switched beds ^^;;
and we switched beds again last night cuz she didn't wake up from a nap on my bed... and i took a 1.5 hour nap at 6am before heading to school (haha, I was soooo cranky when I woke up..)

Biol200 exam was.... hmmmm =____=
when I looked through the exam, I was like, "I don't really get this question, I'll skip it for now and go onto the next one..."
but I did that for every question and when I reached the last page I just kinda stared blankly at it
I up finishing it in 2 hours (it was a 2.5 hour exam) and handed it in cuz I couldn't stand looking at it anymore

now my only worry is Chem233
I know I'm already passing my 2 other family studies courses so I don't need to studying that much...
but if I fail Chem233 (which has a failure rate of ~35-40%), going to Scon will probably be a definite no T____T
It's been exactly 2 years since we had to put down Tuffy...
;____; and i still miss her...
and I had this freaky dream/nightmare last night about euthanizing an animal... I think it was a horse or something =____=

When I woke up this morning, I looked at the clock and was like, '....WTF?!?!' when I saw that it was already 8:30am
turns out my parents just decided to let me sleep in without telling me that school was closed
that would've been dandy if it wasn't for the fact that I had a group meeting for a presentation for Tues and chem tutoring in the evening
luckily nobody in my group wanted to meet up and then our prof sent out an email saying that we still need to do our presentations but they won't be marks
=____= so now our written report is worth way more...

argh... i don't want to go to school tomorrow...
>____< it's gonna be -7 degrees when I head out. I hope I just freeze to death so I won't hafta do my bio post test or the stupid agsci presentation

Happy Hallwe'en~

X3 Happy Hallowe'en~~~

haha, and as usual, I had to carve a dorky pumpkin.... eventhough I really should have been studying XD

Vampire Knight pumpkins~~~Collapse )

they're all on the same pumpkin ^^;;
=____= it would have been so much easier to carve if my sis and her bf didn't take the big pumpkin
so messy looking, but this thing was only about 4" tall -___-;;

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