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lol, I just got my last wisdomtooth out 2 hours ago 8D
what an awesome way to celebrate grad, eh?

but when I was on my way home, i realized that i forgot to ask to keep the tooth ;_______;
noooooooooo......... i wanted to keep it!!!
I could've used it for Yamamoto cosplay OTL ahaha... maybe it's a good thing that they didn't give it to me...

agsc 450 paper

Dear Michael Pollan,

Fuck you. I hope you drown in a vat of margarine and refined carbohydrates.



uggghhhhhh..... i was planning to rush through the rest of my paper and sleep, but now i'm thinking it'll be better to just stay awake until school
i guess i might as well take my time writing and then do the sketches for the stupid agsc presentation

lol, my pile of "wontons" next to me has been rapidly increasing over the past few hours and not even Sudafed is working on my cold...
i wonder how many ppl i'll end up passing my cold to... since skipping isn't an option for today or thursday =A=


omgggggggg.... so annoying, i can't find any internet to steal at my grandma's place anymore
so then i decided to walk to Hong Kong Central Library with my stupid heavy laptop since it's less than 10 minutes away... and then it turns out that it doesn't open til 1pm on wednesdays, wtf
so in the end, i hopped on a tram and came to Causeway Bay and now I'm at Pacific Coffee using their computer OTL
and now I'm finally done checking my stupid school stuff...

I got an Olympus µ 1040 2 days ago~
I was originally gonna go for the Canon A480 but then it was kinda bigger than I expected... I wanted to get another Canon but the ones that they have here are either older than the ones at home or too expensive since I just want something for everyday use
but yeah... 10.1 megapixels, image stabilization, optical and digital zoom, face detection, and only 104 grams~ and it's red 8D

dammit, need to get back soon since I'm meeting my mom for lunch
I'm gonna go fabric shopping afterwards (... though I haven't really thought of what to get yet...) and maybe walk around Prince Edward for a bit~

OhSnap! Photoshoot

I finally got a chance to go through the pics that I took~
I wish I took more though ;____;

13 picsCollapse )
lol, oddly enough, i rarely write much about reading and watching things, but....

Naruto chapter 397.

*rolls around on the floor*

Dec. 11th, 2007

OTL when i woke up today, it was dark outside and i kinda freaked out...
then i checked my clock and it was 4:30pm... 30 minutes before i needed to be on the bus for work 8D
lol, in the end, i was actually early for work

oh yeah, when i was at work on sunday, the manager was like, "I've been meaning to ask you... have you grown taller since the time that I hired you?"
my answer was like, "ahaha.. i don't think so...?" but inside my mind I was like, "OMG.. NOOOOO.... I couldn't have grown taller... or.. did I?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOO......"

OTL ahaha.. ok, time to start cramming, I've got 8.5 hours left to cram...
Modern marriage is different—from the very outset. As a recent Gallup poll finds, 94 percent of unmarried young women and men say their primary goal in marriage is finding a “soul mate” (compare this not only to “primitive societies” but also to the 1950s aspiration of finding a mate who would fit the breadwinner or homemaker mold).

-Naomi Gerstel & Natalia Sarkisian

OTL crap, does that mean I belong in a primitive society… or in the 1950’s…??
there’s no internet though…
dammit, I need to find me a breadwinner =3=

lol, instead of turning me into a more understanding person, I think family studies has turned me into a more bitter and pessimistic person
that’s ok though, the courses are easy 8D

… and now, I think I shall go into my long awaited coma…

oh wait, one more thing…
today, I got first hand experience of peer pressure/bullying (like what ppl in elementary/secondary school face)
lol, Yingie and Tiffa (& Yamada-san), you guys suck =A=;;

It turns out... that on Wednesday... I was so dead that I was completely stupid and handed in my soil science paper instead of my family studies paper (I had 2 copies of each in my bag)....
just now, I handed in my peer evaluation to the TA and she was like, "I tried to catch up to you after you handed it in. I was so worried about you!"

... holy shit...

T____T she's so nice... I handed in the right paper to her just now and she didn't deduct marks for my stupidity.....
lol, it's 5:30am and I'm wide awake
I think my day-night cycle is gonna be messed up until the end of winter break 8D

so that 8 page paper that was due in class at 3pm... didn't get done until 2:50pm OTL
ahaha... i sucked and only got to the 7th page cuz i ran out of stuff to bs about
and then I scrambled out the door to catch the bus and it didn't show up... and the next one was late so i missed my transfer 8D
luckily my TA had office hours until 5pm so I was able to hand it in without a mark deduction
lol, I must've looked so frazzled and gross when I handed it to her

I was gonna pull an all-nighter but by 9am my brain was dying and I had to take a nap
so... I slept on the tile floor so that I wouldn't be comfortable and would wake up sooner...
OTL but that didn't happen...
I ended up sleeping til 11... and the cold tiles sucked up all of my heat (i think all the tiles within a 1m radius were warmed from me...) so I felt so gross when I got up
;____; and then I was slow at writing and missed my last Wednesday lunch with Yingie

ahaha... anyway, maybe I should actually try to sleep =A=;;
omgomgomgomgomgomgomg.... I passed chem233 by 4%

=A=;; i was hyperventilating when I was moving my cursor to click on 'grades'
holy crap, if i failed this, i would've been so screwed
i was actually prepared to switch into the faculty of arts
the class average was 57% so I guess they scaled us by a lot... which means that i probably failed without the scaling *dies*

as much as i'd like to watch my textbook burn to ashes in a giant bonfire, i'm gonna sell that piece of crap and get some money back