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T____T ahhh... my chem lab TA thinks I'm a total dork now..

I guess this started yesterday when I sat with my chem lab friend during family studies..
after class, we were gonna exchange phone numbers cuz we had a lab report due today, so we just switched phones to make it faster
after she gave mine back, she was like, "are you a total anime buff..?" since I had Itachi as my wallpaper
I was half expecting her to laugh at me when I said yes, but it turned out that she used to watch a lot of stuff before coming here this year from Singapore
then we started to fangirl for a while and I told her I'd send her some sites to download stuff from

anyway, during lab today, our TA decided to sit next to my work area to watch over ppl... which made me kinda uneasy since I always screw things up when ppl are watching
near the end of the lab, he was talking to my friend and somehow they ended up talking about languages...
he has a really strong accent (something south american..??) but I knew he spoke Japanese relatively fluently cuz he saw my shinai and asked if I knew a girl from kendo cuz she was in his Japanese class
so he asked my friend if she spoke Japanese and she said no... but mentioned something about watching anime
that reminded me that I forgot to send her the sites... and the TA overheard us talking about it =____=
ugh... and then he said something like, "oh, you guys watch anime? Then I guess you know stuff like 'konban wa,' 'ohayo,' 'oyasumi nasai,' etc..."
I think he was kinda joking... but....

+____+ it felt like one of those scenes in manga when the word bubbles stab the character (... I'm making myself seem even dorkier now, aren't I...?)
every time he said one of those words, it was like *STAB* *STAB* *STAB*
so embarassing... almost as bad as when I spilled a whole graduated cylinder of a bad smelling, volatile liquid all over my table while he was sitting near me =____=

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